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Private Tennis Lessons

Private Tennis Lessons

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Our Blue Glove privates are the ultimate high-quality social distancing compliant low density lessons that follow our stringent Blue Glove Safety Protocol.

Choose your coaching level, number of students and number of lessons.  Check out our 10- and 20-Packs for the most dramatic savings.

All of our coaches are nationally or internationally ranked players having been trained in the European Player Development model and are Tennis Central Certified.  The more senior the coach, the more experience he/she has, but all pros excel at teaching all levels and ages.

We provide two levels of coaching:

  1. Mentor Pro - this lesson provides the most advanced and insightful technical and strategic coaching and adds inspiration, purpose and motivation. (Mentor Pro: Yann Auzoux)
  2. Master Pro - these coaches have taught hundreds of hours within our programs and are experts in teaching technique and play the Tennis Central way from juniors to adults. (Master Pro: Alexis, Rok, Nuno, Radu, Paula, Enzo, Marco, Skylar)

We provide three types of lessons:

  1.  Private lesson: 1 student and 1 coach. This format provides the ultimate customization to work on specific needs of the player.  It is also the safest in that the student is never closer than 12 feet from the coach or any other player. 
  2.  Semi-private lesson: 2 students and 1 coach.  ONLY FOR THOSE 8 YRS AND ABOVE. The students that share the lesson must be the same level and play with the same type of balls. Depending on the level, the coach is able to do both drills as well as live competition scenarios and playing points.
  3.  Cluster private lesson: 3-4 students and 1 coach.  ONLY FOR THOSE 12 AND ABOVE.  Depending on the level, the coach is able to do both drills as well as live competition scenarios and playing points.

Please note that semi-private lessons and cluster lessons are billed only once to the lead player.

  Single  10-hour Pack 20-hour Pack
Private Lesson $120/hr $100/hr $90/hr
Semi-Private Lesson $150/hr ($75pp) $125/hr ($62.50/pp) $110/hr ($55/pp)
Cluster Lesson $180/hr ($45pp) $150/hr ($37.50pp) $120/hr ($30/pp)
Private Lesson $150/hr $130/hr $120/hr
Semi-private Lesson $175/hr ($87.50) $150/hr ($75/pp) $135/hr ($67.50)
Cluster Lesson $200/hr ($50/pp) $180/hr ($45/pp) $160/hr ($40/pp)


Simply purchase your lesson here and email us at to schedule your time and reserve the tennis professional that meets your needs.