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FIREPIT Training 2021/2022 (Indoors)

FIREPIT Training 2021/2022 (Indoors)

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SEPTEMBER 17 - APRIL 17 (29-week session - blackout dates are 12/24-1/1) 

MONDAY 1-3PM (2 courts)
WEDNESDAY 1-3PM (2 courts)
FRIDAY 1-3PM (2 courts)
SUNDAY 8-10PM (5 courts)

Team Registration (max 4 players per court): $12,528 per team of 4
By playing as a team, you get 10% off the regular price and are able to decide who you practice with

Individual Registration: $3,480
Maximum 4 players per court. Level must be 3.5 or above. Price is $60/hour which is the same exact price that we have charged for the last three years.  No increase.

Location: Bethesda Country Club Indoor Tennis Bubble, 7601 Bradley Blvd, Bethesda, MD 20817

No make-ups. No refunds. 


FIREPIT TENNIS is all about you. In each 2-hour session, you get to strike hundreds of balls, but there is no mindless hitting.  Everything you do here has a purpose. The Firepit crew of coaches is here to help you improve your technique, try advanced footwork patterns, and better understand where to place your shots during drills and competitive games.  

These two hours are yours.  We are here for you, not the other way around.  As coaches, we definitely have ideas and advice about tennis that we would like to share with you.  At the same time, we look to you to guide the experience.  Tell us what your goals are and if you are having trouble with a stroke.  Describe the playing scenarios you face when you are competing and ask us to show you the best strategies for each.  You will receive intense, personalized attention and immediate feedback from the coaches.

During the FIREPIT, you will:

  • learn effective and efficient movement on the court
  • make incremental adjustments to take your game to the next level
  • achieve significantly greater consistency in all of your strokes
  • understand how to gain time for yourself and steal time from opponents during rallies 
  • learn to LOVE your overhead!
  • find our where to hit your shots, how to hit them, and why
  • execute point-play drills with a purpose
  • understand that Aussie and I-formations are both defensive AND offensive 
  • gain tactical knowledge to use every time you compete

You should leave the Firepit each day feeling exhilarated, challenged, and excited to put what you learned into action the next time you play.

The Firepit is for the women who dare to improve.  The Firepit is for you.